SKK Migas with Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI) distributed 2,000 food packages to residents affected by COVID-19 in Raas Island / District, Sumenep Regency, Madura, East Java, Monday (05/18/2020).

KEI is one of the oil and gas companies operating in the Sumenep Regency. The assistance was handed over by the Comdev Officer, Sarip Hidayatullah to Raas District Head Agus Prayogi. Manager of Public Affairs of KEI Affair, Hanip Suprapto said, the assistance was in accordance with SKK Migas’ direction.

According to him, as a company operating in the Sumenep region, it also has the responsibility to ease the burden on the community in the midst of a pandemic like this. “We PSC (Production Sharing Contract) will make every effort possible to help alleviate the burden of society in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said, in a release received by this media.

According to Hanip, in the District of Raas consists of 8 islands spread across 9 villages. For the distribution of groceries, the institute collaborates with the COVID-19 Village Volunteer Team.

“Because we are working with the COVID-19 Village Volunteer Team, all of COVID-19’s health needs and protocols are really well implemented,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Raas District, Agus Prayogi, welcomed the activities carried out by Kangean Energy Indonesia. He also thanked KEI for the assistance.

“Thank God, thank you to KEI, who took part in handling COVID-19 in Raas District. Hopefully this food aid can be useful for the residents of Raas, especially those affected by corona,” he said.

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