Safety, Health & Environment Overview

Kangean Energy Indonesia pay attention to safety, health and environment issues seriously. It is reflected in the company’s accomplishment and what it strives for these fields.

Safety :

  • Accident free operation & maintenance activities
  • KEI’s safety manage LTA (Lost Time Accident) in O & M (Operation and Maintenance) Activities

Health :

  • Provides health and safe work environment for employee
  • Monitor Noise Level in Work Place
  • Provides PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for employees
  • Monitor Industrial Hygiene at work place such as Noise Level and Ergonomy
  • Perform Health Campaign such as Heart attach, Smoking, Diabetes, Over weight

Environment :

  • KEI holds ISO-14001 since 2004
  • Rehabilitated the coast of Pagerungan Island by way of Mangrove Planting
  • Environmental monitoring (quarterly basis)
  • Coral reef monitoring (yearly basis)
  • Coral reef transplantation in Pagerungan
  • Thousand tree plantation in Pagerungan Field